Architectural Statement

Fondren Renaissance Foundation (FRF) is proud of the Downtown Fondren Historic Business District’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places, a designation made through the US National Park Service*. This listing confirms that the Fondren Historic Business District includes buildings, structures, sites and objects that possess historic, architectural, engineering and cultural significance at the national, state and local level.

FRF encourages public recognition and protection of these assets and pledges to work in cooperation with state and local agencies, namely the MS Department of Archives and History and MS Heritage Trust, to maintain and preserve the Downtown Fondren Historic Business District.

While encouraging historic preservation, FRF also welcomes new investment and development. Fondren is the most significant walkable, mixed-use neighborhood in Central Mississippi. Our neighborhood’s vibrancy proves the wisdom of blending old with new, authenticity with utility, and nostalgia with innovation. With every renovation, restoration or new construction, FRF’s hope is that the end product will convey the historic identity of the Downtown Fondren Historic Business District.

Fondren is well known for its diversity in the design community and prides itself on the professional base of designers, architects and engineers that reside within its borders. FRF welcomes your inquiries regarding the Fondren area and hope to assist you in the development phase of your project in the Downtown Fondren Historic Business District.

*This distinction was made possible through the initiative and generous financial support of Whitney Place, LLC, working closely with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.